The music award!


Loren tagged me for the Music Award! Thank you!


-Write ten songs that come on shuffle (no skipping)

-Write your favorite lyrics from each song

-Tag some people

My songs:

Generation away, by Lady Antebellum. Favorite lyrics:

And if I was a preacher, I wanna be Dr. King. Oh, I know he’s up there smiling down cause we all still have a dream. 

Gunpowder and lead, by Miranda Lambert. Favorite lyrics:

County road 233, under my feet. Nothin’ on this white rock but little old me.

Come in with the rain, by Taylor Swift. Favorite lyrics:

I leave my window open, ’cause I’m too tired at night to call your name. 

Alone, by Heart. Favorite lyrics:

Till now, I’ve always got by on my own, I never really cared till I met you. 

Underneath your clothes, by Shakira. Favorite lyrics:

Underneath your clothes, there’s an endless story. There’s the man I choose. 

I guess that’s why they call it the blues, by Elton John. Favorite lyrics:

Between you and me I could honestly say that things could only get better. 

Our song, by Taylor Swift. Favorite lyrics:

I was riding shotgun with my hair undone in the front seat of his car. 

Maria, The sound of music soundtrack. Favorite lyrics:

How do you solve a problem like Maria? How do you catch a cloud and pin it down?

Style, by Taylor Swift. Favorite lyrics:

You got that long hair, slicked back, white t-shirt. And I got that good girl faith and a tight little skirt.

Roar, by Katy Perry. Favorite lyrics:

You held me down, but I got up, already pushing up the dust.

Now for the tags! I tag:



Anonymous A


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