CWWC: Them


Hello everyone! Today you will witness the extraordinary writing skills of ME! 😝

I used these prompts:

If you lost count, that’s a grand total of 24 prompts, which is every single prompt so far! đŸ˜±

Lydia Sanbursque sat in the empty classroom, waiting. Waiting for them to come. She was patient, so as every class started, ended, and a new one commenced, she sat there. As if they cared.

Every night she prayed for them, and asked God to protect them. She would also call out their names in silence, like they would here, like they would actually care. But they obviously did either.

The only thing she possessed was a box labeled Bad memories. Do not open. 

She didn’t open it. I guess that we can all guess why.

One day, after years in that classroom, Her patience wore out. She climbed up a ladder she had noticed a few years ago. It went to the top of the school, which was rather flat. She leaned over the edge of the roof. She inhaled deeply. Was it just her, or was the air fresher up here, and the moon and stars were brighter, prettier, and so much closer, close enough to touch?

She suddenly felt free, a feeling that she had never possessed before. She had a sudden rush of bravery, and without thinking, she jumped off the roof. She must not have been thinking clearly, a result of being in a classroom for eight years.

She landed in a pile of glass. Pain shot up through her leg. She remembered the time she was in an orphanage, and she oftentimes sat glumly on the staircase with Loren, Madi, and Jaclynn. When she escaped, they continued to sit glumly on the steps every afternoon, but as they grew older, they started to write stories. They managed to sell their stories to magazines, and soon they wrote their way out of the orphanage.

Lydia, the person you are reading about, had heard.

I must find them. They are not them, but they are better than sitting in a classroom for eight years, waiting for them.

So she decided to do it, despite the 98 percent chance that she wouldn’t find them. Rather stupid, isn’t she? I tried to talk her out of it, but she’s to stubborn and headstrong. She discoverd that she was in the town of Lily, and the last known residence of Loren, Madi, and Jaclynn was the town of Emma. She would pass two major cities along the way: Clara and Genna. She would also pass a more medium-sized town, the town of Rebekah. The journey was going to be long, and it was definitely going to be rather strenuous. But since she lacked common sense, she finalized her decision to make the journey.

Boy, did she lose her marbles during all that time spent waiting?

She needed a hero, so that’s what she became. Or tried to, anyways. All the important information that she had was that the mirror passageways are guarded by unknown creatures called “The ferrymen”, and that nobody who dares to cross the border returns, so what lies beyond was unknown. Good grief. This is turning into Hansel and Gretel already!

She traveled for three days and nights until she reached Rebekah. The only way to get to Clara, the next important landmark, was to enter a mirror and cross the border. She was extremely insane- who knows what might lie behind the border? When she turned onto the road that the mirror was on, she passed a patch of grass studded with diamonds- it was practically a wooden sign that said, plain as plain, here there be faeries.  (The POV now changes. Heh heh heh :D) I thought nothing of it, until the road turned into pure emerald. I took my knife and chipped off two rather large hunks of the road, one for a present to give Loren, Madi, and Jaclynn when I got to them. The other one I would trade in for coin. I would need it for food along the way. Then, Faeries surrounded me, jabbering to each other and scolding me for stealing, and ruining their road. I pointed out that anyone could walk on this road. They glanced at each other after I said that. They told me that few make it this far. The mirror was up ahead. I ran to it, and pushed myself in. The guard appeared to be off duty, so I had no trouble getting through. Through holes in the passageway, I could make out a girl reading to a dragon. I tilted my head, perplexed. Interesting.

Then everything went black.

When I awoke, I found myself collapsed on a fallen tree, in the middle of a forest. As my (already foggy) mind was clearing, I realized that I was in the middle, and in a forest, but not in the middle of one by any stretch of the imagination. On one side of her was a lake, with two girls lifting their dresses to walk in it. The lake sparkled, which instantly made me realize that it was a sprite lake, and those girls were sprites. I took little notice of them. It was what was on the other side of me that intrigued me. It was a laboratory. I went in. There was a shelf of strange sands in there, but otherwise it was a plain white room, quite disappointing. I grabbed a random bottle and ran out. I ran so fast that I almost didn’t see the huntress attacking a cottage, or about to, anyways. I suddenly unlocked a memory from my past. It was them locking the doors, writing the words the world isn’t safe anymore on the door, as was customary where they lived. They told me: it is cunning, brave, brutal, and relentless- and it is hunting us. But what did they mean by that? The answer was probably fluttering around me, chanting: you know who I am, you know who I am. 

I walked through unbearably flat prairie through the night, using a torch to light my way through the hazy darkness. The wind blew my dress as I puzzled over everything.

who am I?

He he he! Did you catch my reference to other bloggers in the story? 😛


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